Friday, March 11, 2011

First version of Django App done

I have finally completed the development of the application. Slowly I am catching the way how django works and was able to complete the development fast. Though I am not very competent enough about all the various design patterns for Django, I am now able to develop a CRUD application fast.

In my previous post, I said that Django might only be suitable only for content based applications to which Dave Martorana, an experienced Django developer said that - "there is nothing which can't be done in Django" which was very reassuring to me. Thanks Dave.

I am happy to mention that I have completed an initial version of it and deployed it to google app engine.

It is not yet complete as I have to add one more feature which alerts the user every half an hour to remind and get information on what is the task he is doing. Initially I was planning to do that only on smartphone but now I think since Chrome has background apps as well as notifications, I can do that in the browser itself. Not sure if I will do this first in browser or smartphone but I will do both of them.

The app is no way perfect. I have used the basic template from Smashing HTML5. thanks to them, because I didn't know how to create a good UI. Still I was not able to make the error messages and the register page look good. But I figured since functionality is done, I will do well to release it out in the world.

It is not ready for primetime yet. I will surely let you know when it is  :)

But adventurous people can check it out.

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