Monday, March 21, 2011

Next Steps

As said previously, I have released the first version of the VGuide App. I have to add some more features to it to make it complete. The most important feature is notifications. I have observed that the timezone should match the client's timezone. So I need to take that into consideration. But for first, I will try to get it done for Eastern Time Zone. If atleast I can add notifications, it will have atleast the minimum viable product. Also, I need to add the option of adding the previous tasks by default.

For that I am reading up on the notifications API here. I want to complete notifications, and getting the old tasks directly by end of this week. i.e March 25th.

Friday, March 11, 2011

First version of Django App done

I have finally completed the development of the application. Slowly I am catching the way how django works and was able to complete the development fast. Though I am not very competent enough about all the various design patterns for Django, I am now able to develop a CRUD application fast.

In my previous post, I said that Django might only be suitable only for content based applications to which Dave Martorana, an experienced Django developer said that - "there is nothing which can't be done in Django" which was very reassuring to me. Thanks Dave.

I am happy to mention that I have completed an initial version of it and deployed it to google app engine.

It is not yet complete as I have to add one more feature which alerts the user every half an hour to remind and get information on what is the task he is doing. Initially I was planning to do that only on smartphone but now I think since Chrome has background apps as well as notifications, I can do that in the browser itself. Not sure if I will do this first in browser or smartphone but I will do both of them.

The app is no way perfect. I have used the basic template from Smashing HTML5. thanks to them, because I didn't know how to create a good UI. Still I was not able to make the error messages and the register page look good. But I figured since functionality is done, I will do well to release it out in the world.

It is not ready for primetime yet. I will surely let you know when it is  :)

But adventurous people can check it out.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Is Django not suited for web applications?

Django project was created by a news organization for their internal use. It is so heavily geared towards content i.e showing content which is the main aim of the news organization. So it always talks about posts, books and content in its tutorial. I am learning from and I have to say though the book is good it is taking time for me to wrap my head around the concepts as it doesn't directly map to the j2ee web app concept. I mean it has forms and everything but everything is looking complicated from the eyes of a beginner like me. I read from and it was a very good book to start learning Ruby on Rails and it was mapping very well with J2EE web applications. So getting started with Django for building a web application is difficult compared to building it with Ruby on Rails. I want to give up and try something else but I am trying to press ahead and build something.

It looks like Django is more suited for content based web sites rather than logic and calculation heavy web applications atleast that is my initial thought.