Sunday, January 30, 2011

Learning Python

Hacker news ( has permanently changed the way I look at my work in office. It got me interested in development, start ups, web design and hacking. So after deliberating and sitting in the sidelines for a long long time, finally I decided to do something even if it is a crap product. I have developed an android application ( nothing really great, just a very basic crud app which still has some bugs) but it really was a  great thing because instead of just thinking about something without doing something, I overcame my laziness to develop an app. Now I want to integrate a web application with to collect stats and store them for future. I want to develop a time tracking app. So I looked about whether to learn ROR or Django and finally decided to learn Django. So for that I have to learn python which I started doing. I am reading diveintopython written by Mark Pilgrim. He is providing a very fast tutorial to python. I have completed reading half of the book and I am practicing a little on the side but I plan to complete it by end of this week and I will prepare a ppt for my quick reference and share it.  As i have said, this is a quickreference to python basics.