Friday, February 25, 2011

Developing a Web Application

I am learning Android and I am quite interested in creating a productivity web application. I want to create a web application and provide android and other smartphone apps for it. So for developing the web application I am trying to build a web application. I wanted to learn a dynamic language from long time and I thought this was a good opportunity. So I picked up python. My idea was to write an application and deploy it in Google App Engine. I chose to write the application in Django which can be hosted for free on Google App Engine. So I patiently spent the half of February learning Python and the last two weeks learning Django. With a lot of effort I was able to get a static page up and running. It is a crud application but to develop it is taking a lot of time. Still a longgg way in becoming an efficient developer. I want to work on developing fast web applications which can scale well. So this is the project. I will detail on what is the application I want to develop in my next post. 

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